Children's Library Project

Our journey for the renovation of the Downtown Public Library began a few years ago when our New Members raised $80,000 in a few short months to renovate the Eastside branch of the Public Library. Since that time, the Eastside Library has become more accessible to our community’s youth, and has even attracted teenage boys who have started playing chess after school. This new draw to the teen population on the Eastside is largely due to the Junior League’s efforts, which made the Martin Luther King Room a place where teens in the community want to be. This project sparked excitement for an even larger scale project, and we are pleased to have made a long-lasting impact by contributing to the fundraising and planning efforts that will support a complete renovation of the children’s area of the Santa Barbara Downtown Public Library.

We collaborated with the Santa Barbara Public Library to create an inspiring new children’s area in the current basement of the library. To our delight, the entire basement (6,000 sq ft) was allocated to become the new children’s space, designed to accommodate children ages 0-12. The project included interior design, programming and volunteer coordination, as well as new elements for performing arts, crafts, and a computer center. 

Thank you for your help and generous donations over the past several years!  

Junior League of Santa Barbara