1924: A group of 24 young women initiated an organization of volunteers in Santa Barbara. The JLSB was founded shortly thereafter and was admitted to the Association of Junior Leagues. The JLSB was incorporated on January 2, 1925 (the first general meeting was held on November 24, 1924) with 50 members.

1925: Following Santa Barbara’s devastating earthquake, the JLSB created a motor corps to serve the relief agencies in town.

1926: The Sunshine Cottage was organized to care for children from Santa Barbara, saving many from the deadly effects of tuberculosis. The purpose was to prevent undernourished children and tuberculosis. The Sunshine Cottage later became Juvenile Hall.

1930: Despite the Depression, the JLSB paid off the $10,000 mortgage on Sunshine cottage.

1934: The JLSB’s first Rummage Sale was held.

1948: The Volunteer Bureau was started in Santa Barbara pioneered by the League. In cooperation with the City, JLSB also started Camp Conestoga, a camp for underprivileged children, which received accolades nationally.

1957: The Welfare Council was established to improve the county in regard to health, recreation, and welfare.

1960: The Young People’s Art Program was begun with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art to allow children to tour the museum and attend art classes.

1963: JLSB contributed to the building fund of the Girls’ Club of Santa Barbara and helped develop the Child’s Estate, a community project that later became the Santa Barbara Zoo.

1973: Continuation of the Elementary Environmental Education program and Child’s Estate Environmental Education Program, and a new project The Phoenix of Santa Barbara, a residential rehabilitation program for troubled teenagers.

1975: The JLSB celebrated its 50th anniversary, 85  members strong and successfully completed the FOCUS Education Course, a leadership training program.

1980: Alcohol Abuse and Youth was begun, and the Volunteers for Abuse Prevention Project was successfully completed and turned over to CALM for continuation.

1989: Four projects completed including Literacy Support, Anger Management, Friday Nite Live/Safe Rides, and Volunteer for Seniors.

1995: JLSB became a partner in the national Silent Witness Project and helped in opening the Sexual Abuse Response Team (SART) Cottage.

2005: JLSB partnered with the Santa Barbara Public Library System to renovate the Eastside Children’s Library.

2008: New Members registered over 460 new people to the National Marrow Donor database and League received an Excellence Award from the National Marrow Donor Program

2013: JLSB presented a check in the amount of $30,000 to the Downtown Public Library Children’s Project.

2015: The JLSB celebrated its 90th anniversary, with over 450 members.  The League leverages over 11,000 community impact hours yearly, and announced the new focus area of “Improving the lives of at-risk young women by educating & empowering them to reach their full potential while working to prevent exploitation and injustice in our community.”

2017: The JLSB voted in its Signature Project, to facilitate the opening of S. A. F. E. House Santa Barbara, a 6-bed shelter, designed specifically to provide trauma-informed therapy for survivors of sex trafficking, and to create a Community Awareness Campaign called TraffickSTOP.