Position Statements

The Junior League of Santa Barbara is committed to promoting, supporting and advocating for the following Position Statements, which are consistent with the mission, vision and values of the JLSB and provide the framework for the League’s involvement in the community and legislative advocacy.


Position Statement on Women

The Junior League of Santa Barbara supports efforts to ensure that women, and individuals who identify as women, receive equal treatment and opportunity under the law and have equal access to the opportunities and services essential for their intellectual, economic, social, mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We welcome all women, which may include cisgender women, trans women and nonbinary people in this women’s organization.


Position Statement on Voluntarism

The Junior League of Santa Barbara supports and promotes voluntarism as essential to the welfare of our society. We believe that the principle of relying on voluntary action is an essential component of our Mission that enables us to be catalysts for lasting community change.


Position Statement on Human Trafficking

The Junior League of Santa Barbara opposes human trafficking in all its forms, and supports programs and legislation that prevents human trafficking, advocates for survivors of trafficking, and educates the community at large. The Junior League of Santa Barbara supports programs and legislation that: 1) assist survivors of human trafficking in obtaining the government assistance they need; 2) create criminal and civil penalties and remedies for those who perpetuate human trafficking in the world; and 3) promote education for first responders on how to identify trafficking survivors to ensure that survivors are not treated as criminals but are instead referred to the proper organization to receive the assistance they need.